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As a fan of all things Christmas, and as a fan of podcasts, I love listening to Christmas podcasts. Some of these are about the history of Christmas, some are about the films and songs of Christmas, and some are just Christmas music. Some only come back for the Christmas season while some devoted podcasters keep up the Christmas message all through the year.

As a British person, I have to warn you that what these podcasts all have in common is that they are American, or at least they all mainly refer to American culture. What we badly need is a podcast reflecting the history and culture of the British Christmas.

I’ll put in a link to their home site, but the best way to find the podcasts is to get your favourite podcast app and to search for them by name.


Bubbling under: other Christmas podcasts to investigate, that didn’t make my top ten…

Roast Chestnuts                    
Christmas Creeps                  
The Holiday Podcast             
Jingle Friends                          

In classic style, from ten to one, here’s my top ten Christmas podcasts…

 10. Tis the Podcast

A year-round Christmas podcast presented by three elves called Anthony, Julia and Thom, who discuss a Christmas film or TV special each week. The episodes are over-long, but if you have the time to give to this and love Christmas films, it will draw you in.

 9. Christmas Carols

Podcasts can be a good source of Christmas carols. This site and its podcast feed has some consistently good Christmas music that brings us back to the message of the birth of Christ. The traditional and the contemporary mix is well balanced and sensitive.

 8. Weird Xmas

A project that began with a collection of strange Christmas cards has now developed a podcast that has sideways look at some Christmas films, television and other media offerings. It’s well produced and fast-moving, with each episode lasting only as long as it needs to.

 7. Christmas Stories from Focus on the Family

If you like the ministry of Focus on the Family, you’ll enjoy this new family podcast of stories and reflections hosted by John Fuller and Eva Daniel. Young children may not have the concentration to listen to complete episodes, but there are already some gems here for all ages.

 6. Can’t Wait for Christmas

Anarchic and rapid-fire, with an emphasis on Christmas films, comedian Tim Babb presents a fast-moving Christmas podcast with attitude. This is for you if your style is more “Muppets Christmas Carol” than Midnight Mass. And if you care about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. An acquired taste, but it’s worth a try.

5. Celtic Christmas Podcast

What do you get if you combine the magic of Christmas with a purist’s take on Celtic music? This is what you get. Nearly fifty episodes of Irish/Scottish/American Celtic music with a Christmas flavour presented by the “celtfather” Marc Gunn, who’s not above promoting his own music and his compilation albums. If you like this music, you’ll love this podcast.

 4. Merry Little Podcast

The cost-free option of the two podcasts produced all through the year by the people at, this is a consistent source of Christmas music and history. The production lacks the personality of some of the shows featured here, and it doesn’t seem clear what its audience is. But it has a good knowledge of Christmas tradition, and it’s worth subscribing to keep Christmas alive all year.

3. 25 Songs of Christmas

The production is rough around the edges, but John “Moose” Williamson has a winning style and an enthusiasm for Christmas music and the Christmas season which brings joy to the listener. The production values have improved through the four seasons it’s been going while maintaining its folksy charm. You might hate it, but it’s worth a try.

2. Christmas Past

Brian Earl has produced fewer than twenty episodes but each one has been a gem: a slice of Christmas history with some personal reminiscences and some expert interviews. They are precisely edited and presented with intelligence and style.

 1. The Christmas

This is my Number One. For more than ten years Lee Cameron has been giving us generous gifts of beautifully produced ten-minute episodes, each recounting a piece of Christmas tradition and history and some carefully-selected pod-friendly music. All podcasts should sound like this.

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