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Reformation 2 – Only the Bible

The second of three talks given by Wayne Clarke at New North Road Baptist Church, Huddersfield, marking 500 years since Martin Luther lit the spark of the Protestant Reformation in Europe.

This second one was given on Sunday October 29th, 2017. It begins with a Bible reading (2 Timothy 3:1-17) from Barbara Trigg.

Click on the play arrow on the bar below to listen to the talk.


download the talk as an MP3 file and listen offline by right-clicking on this link and selecting “save link” or “save target”  Only the Bible

As well as the audio of each talk you can read the text as a Word document and see an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation.

click on the link below to download and read the text that the talk was based on:

OnlytheBible text

click on the link below to download to see the PowerPoint that went alongside the talk:

OnlytheBible ppt