Goodbye to 2014

So that was the year that was 2014.

What made it distinctive for me was the amount of travelling I’ve done. This year I’ve travelled more miles and visited more countries and spent longer outside the UK than any other year.

I’ve been to Malta, Germany, Netherlands and Moldova, with brief stops in Ukraine and Romania. The trip to Moldova was extraordinary. I spent time there with friends from the Tidings of Salvation Church in Chisinau and lived at their summer camp. They have a lot less than us in material resources, but so much more in determination and faith.

I had a just one day in the Netherlands including a stop in Demeter but it still rates as my favourite place to be. Malta was a special holiday, two weeks in the sun celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Next year: my hopes are mainly with my family. I’m hoping the shop my wife manages can thrive. I’m praying for my son as he graduates, and then gets married in July – that will be the highlight of the year. I’m praying just as hard for my daughter who will also be graduating and looking for work.

Our church will be studying Mark’s gospel through the year and I’m about to spend a few weeks immersing myself in Mark. I’m looking forward to the challenge and preparing to have the Bible speak to me in new ways.
I’m hoping for a few things for myself in 2015: Develop my musical skills; write more, including this blog; lose weight (yeah, I know).

Oh, and this blog needs a name. All the good blogs have a name. Any ideas?

Thanks for following and have a great 2015.

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